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What age should i get braces?

May 20, 2024/

Some of the most common questions about dental care we offer at L&M Dental Clinic PJ are regarding braces. We get it, you want your kids to have the best smile possible. But it’s hard to understand some things such as how old you have to be to get braces,…

What age is too old for braces?

May 14, 2024/

Are You Ever too Old for Braces? Braces are a common feature of many people’s teen years, and the ages between 10 and 16 are considered optimal for orthodontic treatment because that’s when it’s easiest to move teeth around. But if you missed that window, it’s not too late. You’re never…

What is the Best age to get braces in PJ

April 29, 2024/

While there is no ideal time for your child to get braces, there is a period of time when your child will be a good candidate. This varies, based on a number of factors, such as the severity of the case, the extent of treatment needed, the status of the…

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