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How much does it cost to get braces in Petaling Jaya (PJ)

So you have decided to fix your teeth and looking up braces prices in Malaysia, specifically in Petaling Jaya. It’s OK – We’ve been there, and yes for us it was SUPER WORTH IT.

Braces options in Petaling Jaya

In this article, I’ll be covering braces cost for conventional braces, Damon braces, clear aligners, and the cheapest braces option of all: through government hospitals.

Very quickly, here are the price range for braces in Malaysia:

  • Conventional braces: GP – RM5,000++ | Specialist – RM8,000-10,000++
  • Conventional braces: Government dental clinic – RM500-2500
  • Damon braces: GP – RM7,000-9,000++ | Specialist – RM12,000++
  • Clear aligners: Invisalign – RM15,000-20,000++

See each section below for more info on each braces option. Prices differ based on many factors, including govt vs private, location and other factors (but don’t select your dentist based on price alone – see the last section).

The reference to these braces prices in this article is from price list I took from a dentist and from asking people, both online and offline. Learn more about each type of braces and which one you should opt for in their respective section below.

Note: This pricing scale still applies in 2023

#1 – Conventional braces / Metal braces price in Malaysia

braces price

What it is: Braces in which the wire is secured with elastic bands. Most people have this option; conventional braces is the most cost-effective option

Total cost:

  • GP – RM5,000++
  • Specialist – RM8,000-10,000++
  • Government dental clinic – ~RM500-2500 (varies; see below)

Cheap braces in Malaysia: Government Dental Clinic

You can get extremely cheap braces in Malaysia by going through government hospitals, and based on feedback, they only offer conventional braces option. The savings are HUGE, but the downside is:

  • (1) eligibility – You might not be eligible for it
  • (2) waiting time – If you are eligible, you might have to wait a long time for it
  • (3) appointment schedule – people report that clinic visits can be a hassle, especially for those in school/ follow office hours

How to apply government braces – step-by-step

Here are the steps to apply for braces from the Government:

  • Go to any government-run dental clinic and do a dental checkup
  • Request for a referral letter – you need this to set an appointment with Klinik Pakar Orthodontik
  • Wait for appointment date
  • After the check, if you are eligible then they will advice the next steps to install your braces 🙂
  • Source: MyHealth Gov Dental CLinic FAQ

Important: As far as I know, government dental clinic DOES NOT offer Damon braces or clear aligners, only the conventional metal braces

#2 – Damon Braces price in Malaysia (Metal braces and Ceramic braces)

What it is: Metal or Ceramic braces which the wire is secured by something they call ‘slide mechanism’. Damon braces are also referred to as self-ligating braces, or self-lig for short.

These self-ligating braces come in two types: Damon metal braces (silver) and Damon ceramic braces (white).

Cost (Damon metal braces):

  • GP – RM7,000-9,000++
  • Specialist – RM12,000++
  • Damon ceramic braces: the above, plus a few more thousand


My experience with Damon braces

My dentist recommended Damon braces option to me. She said:

  • I’ll get faster results with Damon braces than conventional braces (mine was done in ~1.5 year – considered super fast!)
  • Less pain than conventional braces (still pain though)
  • Usually don’t have to do teeth extraction (this one doesn’t apply to me, I still had to take out 4 teeth)

(Side note: I wanted the ceramic braces because it’s white and I thought it won’t be too obvious, but my dentist advised against it – she said they stain easily. So if you drink coffee or eat curry/gulai – both of which I do regularly – then don’t do ceramic braces)

My dentist charged RM8,500 for metal Damon braces. How it worked was:

  • I paid RM3,000 in deposit, and
  • paid RM300 monthly for 18 months

I think the dentist purposely structured the payments this way so it will end more or less the same time your braces journey ends. By my last visit, I didn’t have to pay anything else.

By the way, what is included in the braces packages depends on the dentist. For me, the cost of installing braces, adjusting every 4-5 weeks, retainers, the elastic band and dental wax were included. However, teeth extraction and x-ray was not, it was charged separately.

Bottom line: Pick reputation & convenience over price

My top tip to save money on braces in Malaysia is, honestly, beyond price, pick a reputable dentistthat is convenient for you to go, because you will be visiting them often (once a month or so) for tightening/monitoring/checkup.

I got lucky – I found a dentist within walking distance, so my work (or in your case, study) life wasn’t that disrupted, and I saved money on transportation too.

All in all, I am extremely happy that I got braces. The price was expensive, but it (along with professional teeth whitening session) improved my self-confidence tremendously.

Lastly, I wish everyone planning to do braces all the best. Please leave a comment on the prices your dentist (and what area) is charging you, and what their braces package include, so the rest of us can refer to the info 🙂

Ready to Start Your Braces Journey in Petaling Jaya?

If you’re considering braces, don’t wait any longer. Reach out to us at L&M Dental Clinic PJ today, and let us guide you towards a confident, beautiful smile. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with the best braces service in Petaling Jaya. Take the first step towards better oral health by giving us a call today. Your journey to a perfect smile starts here

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