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Will Mouth Rinse Stain my Teeth?

Answer : YES !! *if you use it the wrong way

Mouth Rinse are commonly use by the public as part of Oral Hygiene Routine supplement to normal tooth brushing and flossing.
The Common misconception that this “magic liquid” eliminates or reduces the need for both brushing and flossing by cleaning out the plaques that were not removed by brushing.

Fact 1 : Regular brushing and proper flossing are More than enough for a complete oral Hygiene routine in most cases.

Dear Residents of Petaling Jaya,do you have a habit of taking a bottle of mouthwash,swilled around the mouth/gargle during lunch or early in the morning just for the freshness it provides?

Fact 2 :If Use Inappropriately, Mouth Rinse(including chlorhexidine provided by Dentist in certain treatment) can stain the teeth.

Mouth rinse Generally has 3 main active ingredient ( Cationic Antiseptics,Polyvalent Metal Salts,Phenolic (thymol)).
Remember the + and – ions we learn during school? The Cation in the mouthwash attracts the chrome “coloring inside our food” to attach to the Teeth Surface which will then stain the teeth yellowish or golden brown.


  1. Use according to Manufacturer/ Health Personnel Instructions.
  2. Use After you have done a proper brushing and Flossing
  3. Try to avoid if you know you are going to have your meal right after rinsing.

If you really really really like using mouth wash, use it at Night after proper brushing as the 8 hours sleep(without food) eliminates the cationic attraction of the food stains to our teeth.

*Ps : Dentist uses Mouthrinse Too in their Oral Hygiene Routine =) , Just Remember to use it the Right way. =)

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